The Prologue

This is a place for fanged ones and others to gather and share in friendship via creative writing based role play.  Want to play a spaceship flying Werewolf?  We can accommodate you.  Prefer to be a Vampire in the Bronze Age?  No problem.  An alien hiding out in modern day Suburbia?  Sounds fun. Some other kind of creature or even a plain old human in one of those settings or something else entirely?  Give us a shot.  If you can imagine it and make it real to me, I'll probably allow it.

Fangnor will be the central setting and most action will take place in or around it though the shape Fangor takes will be flexible.  One area might be a standard mid-evil small village, another might be a modern day bar/night club and in others it might be a personal spaceship or a space station out in the black somewhere.

Come write with us!