The Prologue

Dazed and confused he crawls on hands knees towards the lamplit wall, he rests for little trying to gather his thoughts. 

Slowly he gets to his feet and the dizziness washes over him again, hearing a scream he snaps his head around in the direction it came from, and frantically grabs the lamp from the wall. Swinging it in front of him he uses his free hand to trace the rugged surface of the wall, having spent most of his life down here he knows it like the back of his hand.

He picks up pace as he hears another scream in the distance, its just then that he realises he is bleeding and his vision is blurry in his left eye. Thinking it was the lack of light and adrenaline originally, but now he is sure, he thinks his eye might be damaged, removing his hand from the wall he comes to a stop and brings his fingers to his face.

Tracing the edge of the cut he realises there is a huge gash running down his face from his forehead to chin through his eye. Too late to worry now he needs to get to the surface.

Starting off again he increases speed to a run and is at the lift in seconds, he activates the cantilever system and rides it to the surface.

The fresh night air startles him bringing him back to reality, he needs to hide, to get away from the darkness. Heading off into the woods he doesn't look back, but the screams intensify in his mind, and the darkness seems to follow him... 

The darkness approaches
Can you find the light?

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