The Black Parade

The body is little more than a fleshy prison for the mind, and not all ideas should be let out.

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The Black Parade for the Chronologically Confused
Updated: June 4, 2011

Day 1(Tuesday): Rin Raskoph; Act 1 Scene 1 Summary of the days events: Rin gets stabbed with an Imp. Day 2(Wednesday): Anthony Delgada: Act 1 Scene 1 Rin Raskoph; Act 1 Scene 2 Chance Devlin: Act 1 Scene 1 Summary of the days events:.....
LT Anthony Scarponi

Short version: Check the numbers. The lower the number, the earlier it happens chronologically. Rin's first thread is the first thing that happens in game. There's generally a To Be Continued in if something moves to a Combined Arc. I'll.....
LT Anthony Scarponi

Conversational Random Knife Flails
Updated: May 6, 2011

"Relax / comfortable / playful / harmless" (Loosely hold knife by handle, palm up. Heft knife into the air so that it turns end over end and lands with the handle in your palm again. Catch knife.) SHINY.....
Joshua Russel

"I believe you are at fault. / I accuse you. / Over there!" (Aim point of speaking knife at subject. Bob knifetip up and down vigorously.)
Rin Raskoph

End of the world. Really not a good time for new applicants.

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