These rules must be strictly adhered to:


All adventures will be Adult rated, if you are offended by swearing or violence, go find some cotton wool and wrap up tight.


The adventures will all be real world based, with an HP Lovecraft slant on reality.


This is "roleplay heavy, combat light", you must engage with NPCs, find out information and put that information to good use, there will rarely be opportunities for combat.


Only single posts at any one time, DO NOT follow your own post with another one, edit your original if you have more to say but do not break the timeline.


No GODMODING, that is for the GM only, you cannot control other characters or NPCs.


Contact the GM via private messaging on here or preferably Whatsapp.


No METAGAMING, if your character would not know something do not act like he does, (if character A is in town and gets captured, character B out of town would not know that so cannot react.)


If you have any immediate questions or requests, put them at the bottom of your post with the letters "OOC:" followed by a colon, this will signal you are talking Out Of Character, alternatively contact the GM.


Most of all have fun, or shit your pants... it is a Horror after all.

The darkness approaches
Can you find the light?

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