If you're familiar with first edition Big Eyes Small Mouth, please skip this basic explanation and get right to the numbers.

The system we're using makes use of two six-sided dice, rolling under the target number (generally a stat or an attribute, modified for added or reduced difficulty) to perform particularly difficult actions.  There are three stats measured on a scale of 1 to 12, with 4 being human average and 12 being nearly godly.  Attributes are measured on a scale of 1 to 6.

Your stats and attributes are purchased using an astoundingly simple point-buy system.  Defects can be purchased to reclaim some points, but bear in mind these defects will come up.  Up to 10 points can be gained by purchasing defects.  Using experience points, defects can be later bought off.
There are three attributes: Mind, Body, and Soul.

You have 60 points to purchase everything, and an extra five points to spend only in your magic avatar.  Point values vary, and a list of point values can be found here.

Magic avatars are something your character has yet to know about, but you can spend points to power it up before you start playing!  Your magic avatar is a special, super-powered sort of spirit guide that can be summoned to fight for you, defend you, or do other strange magic effects uncommon in the world.  It has been subtly affecting your life before its eventual full awakening.  When your character enters the scene, your magic avatar is unawakened.

Attributes are, simply, the abilities you are likely to roll for.  While being able to prepare something in a kitchen without killing anybody is useful, it's not generally game-changing.  Many skills and minor abilities may be relegated to your back story.  Their point values vary, and a convenient if not exhaustive list can be found at the bottom of this writeup.  With SC approval, new Attributes can be written up with appropriate point values.

Your magic Avatar has its own attributes, accessible almost entirely when it's been summoned and only occasionally bleeding out when it's wherever spirit guides go when they're not defending your interests.  These are purchased with a pool of points given by the Avatar attribute.  Avatar-specific attributes are Avatar-specific, and can't be purchased with the general pool of points.  More general attributes, however, may be purchased and applied to your Avatar.

Your Avatar has some elemental affinity, and related to that an elemental weakness.  You may choose a second affinity at the cost of an extra weakness.

In the case of combat, you need three numbers.  Your Combat Value (CV), your Energy Point total (EP), and your Hit Point total (HP).  Your CV is the average of your three primary stats rounded up.  Your EP is the total of your Soul and your Mind multiplied by 5, and your HP is the total of your Body and your Soul multiplied by 5.  MP are required for casting magic and resisting magic effects.  HP are how well you tolerate a straight-up beatdown.


That's it!  From here it's all in the application!

Known aliases:  Nicknames, or perhaps your legal name if it's commonly known but you don't actually go by it.

Appearance:  Not a lot of detail here.  Let people know what they're looking at and how it differs from the picture you've got up.  People can look pretty weird here.  It's good to know what to tell the police to look for.

History:  Just a few paragraphs to give me context.  Tell me about yourself, tell me about what you want.  Tell me some of your character's goals and what it is they do on a regular daily basis.
Important NPC's:  People important in your life right now, with a couple sentences on them so I know what I'm writing.

Character sheet:
  Avatar sub-attributes:

The not-entirely-exhaustive list of Attributes are here on Google Docs.  If you want one not listed, ask the SC and get approval!  It will be added to the list if it is approved, and other players can look at it and perhaps use it.

Early Autumn
The tail end of tourist season is here. School is beginning. The world is as it always was. It is Thursday, the second week of September, and the weather has taken an extreme turn in the past 24 hours. A black stormcloud has been hovering over the city

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