The Cast of Soldiers of Agonia
Kara , as the Story Crafter

Name:  Kara

Age:  30

Race: tiefling

Appearance: As a tiefling, Kara’s infernal heritage is quite prominent in her appearance, making her far more likely to be mistaken for a full-blooded demon than a human. Thick ram-like horns branch from her brow, sweeping back to either side of her head before curling down, forward and out. Her thick, serrated tail gradually tapers to a point at about five feet long. She has red-tinted skin, solid fiery red eyes, sharp teeth and dark auburn hair that reaches her waist. 

Despite her demonic features, she is quite attractive—something that she will not hesitate to use to her advantage when it comes to getting her way, or out of trouble. She frequently shows off her slender feminine figure in tight leather and low-cut tops, and knows how to use a sweet smile as effectively as a lethal glare.

Personality: A lifetime of prejudice and scorn has taught Kara to be wary of the world. She is slow to trust and even slower to forgive. That said, she knows that being friendly and having allies has it’s advantages, so she will make efforts to get along with most everyone. She will often use seduction, intimidation or a combination of both if the outcome is worth the effort. She is quite intelligent and most of the time she will look for the smart solution, but she also has a strong mischievous streak and a wrathful temper… So sometimes her careful planning and smart solutions quickly and literally turn to ash.
Weapons and fighting style: Kara is not very skilled with weapons, but she carries a couple of daggers and small knives on her in case they come in handy.

Magic: Kara has a natural gift with fire manipulation. She knows a variety of fire spells, most of which are destructive. She also dabbles in Shadow magic which is a little more defensive but can also be quite terrifying. 

Hero ability: As a tiefling, Kara is immune to natural fire and resistant to magical fire. She has a natural affinity for magic and doesn’t require the traditional implements and spell books to learn and cast spells. 

Bio: Kara’s earliest memories are of running through the streets of Agonthur as a child, homeless and often friendless. “Demon”, “Demon spawn”, “Devil child”, these were the names she heard far more frequently than her own. Once in a while when she got caught thieving she would end up in one orphanage or another, but she never stayed in any of them for long. Even among other orphans she was an outcast, either mocked and ridiculed by the other children or segregated by the patrons to keep her from frightening the younger ones. Any fights that broke out were her fault whether she started them or not, and eventually she gave up waiting for someone else to throw the first punch. Eventually she would end up running away and returning to her life as an urchin. Most of the adults in the city didn’t treat her any kinder, but at least she could steal and run from them as she pleased. 

As she grew her skills as a thief improved, as did her skill with fire manipulation. She was in her teens when she met a young male tiefling and his father, Ian and Makar, in the market. They were traders who made trips around the kingdom with their merchandise, and despite the fact that Ian caught her trying to steal from them, he took a liking to her. Daily meetings at the market became routine for Kara and Ian, and when they learned that Kara was living on the street, they offered to let her join them and learn the art of negotiation. Kara eagerly agreed, glad for a way out of life on the streets. Through access to their merchandise Kara found herself drawn to books of magic. She began to teach herself everything to do with magic she could get her hands on, and though she felt like she had a natural talent for it, she began to realize that there was only so much she was going to be able to learn on her own without a teacher. 

Two years passed and just when Kara felt like her life had turned a corner with her new friends, they were attacked on the road outside of Dyvers by a mob led by two brothers Mikkel and Jason. Kara has seen her share of cruelty, but nothing compared to what she endured that night. Eventually Ian and Makar died from their injuries. Kara they saved for last and they would have killed her too if it weren’t for the arrival of a black raven that landed on a branch not far from her. To this day, Kara doesn’t know whose voice she was hearing in her mind, but his offer was clear: power to escape and extract vengeance on her attackers in exchange for her vow of service. Angry and desperate, Kara agreed.  

Her understanding of magic seemed to awaken in the blink of an eye, as if someone had bestowed her with untold knowledge. Unfortunately, many of her attackers escaped, but the voice promised her that she would have her vengeance, wanting her to join the Kazurel army in destroying the Agonians. At first, Kara was eager to comply. Fueled by her wrath and new-found power, she helped conquer and destroy many cities and settlements while hunting the men that attacked her and killed Ian and Makar. The Kazurel army tolerated her because of her powers, but in their eyes she was nothing more than a tiefling and a Agonian and treated her as both. Eventually, she tracked down and killed all but the two brothers that had led the attack. When she couldn’t find them, her drive for vengeance gradually dwindled until she began to question whether she really wanted to be helping the Kazurel army. The raven continued to follow her, appearing here and there, but it had been years since she had heard the voice. Finally, her frustration with the Kazurrens reached a boiling point and she defected to follow her own path.

Likes: Fire. Playing with fire. Burning things with fire. Killing things with fire.
Dislikes: Water of any form. Being wet and/or cold. Crowds.
Weapons: Dagger
Armor: stylish leather
Magical abilities: Fire manipulation. Immune to natural fire, resistant to magical fire.Defensive Spells: Shadow Walk. Ethereal Stride.
Offensive Spells: Hex. Fireball. Eldritch Bolt. Meteor Shower. Vampiric Touch. Hunger of Hadar. Skills: Arcane knowledge, identifying/detecting magic. Stealth and thievery (slight of hand, lock picking etc). She can also be quite persuasive when she tries.
Magical Items: Magical arcane rod that enhances her spell casting. 
Equipment: Traveling gear, thieves tools, healing potions, tome of spells, rituals and personal journal entries, small bag of money

Lottle the Slayer

Lottle stands tall at over 6ft, but under his armour he is more lean than muscular, which aids him in his agility and dexterity. His hair is golden, cut short and messy with a knife that gives him his boyish appearance. Despite the hardships he has faced, Lottle has smooth skin and features, with no scars to tell of, which he calls simply his good luck. His eyes are a deep blue, like the ocean city where he was born, and with his high cheek bones and slender face, he is often considered handsome in his own way.
When in battle, Lottle dons his armour, ornately designed with layers of steel forming an intentional crude design, with it shimmering gold after he paid to have it magically bounded to it for drake hunting, as gold acts as a defense against their fires. Against humans he prefers to wear no helmet so as not to harm his vision, but when facing beasts he does an unusual dragon head helmet, so as to defend himself from their unusual attacks. When travelling on the road he also dons his armour, only with a crimson travelling cloak, tattered and torn, so as to protect himself from the elements. Lottle also carries with him a unique spear, with a cross guard near the head of the spear, wide and heavy and used to smash plate, bone and monster scales. His affinity with lightning allows him to channel it through his spear, firing lightning bolts and shocking his enemies. 

Lottle's life was a rollercoaster from the very start, and so far has continued to not disappoint. His mother died during childbirth, and being a bastard his father did not want him. His life would have ended there had his uncle not decided to take him in. A renowned swordsman, a former slave who won his freedom and fortune in the great arenas of Narragoth, he raised the boy, being able to give him an education and training that he would not been able to receive had his mother lived. And when the boy grew to be a man, his uncle helped him into the Society of Monster Slayers. This guild allowed Lottle to make his own friends and his fortune. He hunted every beast imaginable, and gathered gear and weapons suited to his fighting style, and became a master with the spear, and the many tomes and trainers in the society allowed him to develop his lightning magic to achieve his ultimate goal. Dragon slaying. 

Travelling to all continents of the world, he hunted for the flying beasts and even visited Kazurel before they invaded. Fruitless in his hunt, and receiving news of his uncles death by a Kazurel general, Lottle returned home to Agonthur and signed up as a a mercenary for them, using his skills as a slayer against the invaders. However he quickly became disillusioned with the idea when he saw the way that they treated their own conquered subjects, killing and burning them so that the Kazurrens could not use them. After several major battles against the invaders, where his strength and speed saw him cut through swathes of enemies, and sending them sky high, he took up a permanent residence in Agonthur. 

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