The Cast of Cascade Theory
Akio J. Raffles

Known aliases:  A.J., Junior, R^5
Appearance: One of those lucky individuals who's looked fifteen since they were twelve, and will probably look like a teenager for the rest of their life.
Scuttlebutt: Fifth generation detective. Or thief. Hard to tell.

Alexander Patterson

Alias: Alex

Alex is a fairly standard white guy of decidedly Californian extraction - okay, sure, he’s technically white, but there’s a distinct tan-ish tone to his skin that can’t entirely be due to the sun.

He’s tall, too. Easily six-foot-six, but without any real muscle on him. ‘Beanpole’ is a good descriptor, come to think of it. Early puberty, probably.

Caper Keaton

Vaguely androgynous.  Never smiles.  Wears back and white makeup to make it look like they're always smiling.  Dresses in a signature style they insist on calling "Avant Garde Gothic."  Has been known to spontaneously break out into hilariously bad goth poetry when the occasion calls for it.  They decide when the occasion calls for it.

Underneath all that, they look like a scrappy high-schooler.  Rumor has it they've gotten into a quite a few fights, but if there's drinking, sex, or the really cool roller-coasters involved, odds are they're probably going to get carded.

Carbry O'Brou

Carbry is the heir of the O'Brou family. Yes, THAT O'Brou family.  His grandparents were born into a home where money and power had stopped being a question, ceased being a concern, and more or less stopped even being separate. His Grandparents and his Parents have done nothing at all to change that.

Carbry seems to take his wealth and social status as a personal affront, and acts like some kind of weird thug. Folks are pretty sure he collects beaten-up school uniforms as a hobby, but only after he has beaten up the person wearing them. Stranger still is that he wears a freshly pressed, perfectly pristine uniform to school every day and just casts it aside in favor of whatever he decides to take from the less fortunate.

Jasper Rossi

Name: Jasper Rossi

Nicknames: Impulse, Red Lighting on the soccer field, God Damn Spaz.

Appearance: Jasper is built tall and lanky but is buffer then he may look at first glance. He is a first class ginger with freckles and wild red hair you could probably see from friggin space. As far as clothes he wears what he can find, though he does love him a humorous t-shirt with some clever quip or reference on it.

Kerberos Saxon

Big DJ at the nightclub of Tartarous.  Goes by the DJ name of Beat-Hoven as he is blind as a bat.


He has black/dark blue hair, tinted sunglasses to cover his eyes, pale skin and a healthy build.  He often wears normal clothing when not working, in which he tends to wear leather with many straps.

Mudiwa , as a Principle Author

They are of  average height and stocky build. Dressed in a lot of leather with red and blue designs on it.  They are in their senior year of high school.  They are not the biggest thug, nor are they mean.  They are the single scariest person in Suzaku High.

Riichi Mikami

Known Aliases: None by most people. No one is brave enough to even try to give him a nickname. Goes by Boss by people he keeps around him.

Appearance: Riichi is a small thin person. Only coming up to about 5' 2". Dresses very nicely on most days, usually wearing his school uniform. Has slick black hair and a cold stare made even more intimidating by the permanent bags under his eyes. Looks to be of Japanese decent.






In his natural state Sobek is a gigantic Nile Crocodile. His current human form is a lanky 6'7" african man.

Sun Wukong

Alias: The Monkey King, Son Goku, Handsome Monkey

Undeniably, he's immensely powerful.  But there's something really fucked up with his spells.  He's too good or he's objectively flawed.  He's smart, clever, sympathetic, and wants only what's best for his people.  But everybody sorta' agrees he's a bit of a rich snot and impatient to boot.


He appears to be tall, athletically thin man somewhere between 17 and 25, with dark red-brown hair, glowing eyes, and pointed ears that make him appear to be an elf.

He typically wears a long robe-like garment that stops short of the floor and a tight overcoat that has long sleeves.

Despite its resemblance to a skirt it flows easily in combat without getting in the way or binding his movements.

Early Autumn
The tail end of tourist season is here. School is beginning. The world is as it always was. It is Thursday, the second week of September, and the weather has taken an extreme turn in the past 24 hours. A black stormcloud has been hovering over the city

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