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Eric Troy

Name: Eric Troy

Age: 30

Origin of Birth: Feyhaven, left after high school to pursue law enforcement and criminal justice in Minnesota.

Occupation: Detective.

Primary Ability: Eric can control the memories of his own and others, allowing him to modify, fabricate, suppress, influence, repair, restore, erase, detect, and view them. In most cases his personal ethics wont allow him to do anything harmful.

Secondary Ability: Eric can change memories to confuse, wipe away certain memories to cause amnesia, discern and provoke nostalgia, and enter the victim into a psychic vision, replaying their memory.

Latent Ability 1: Premonitions. Eric has the ability to see future events before they happen.

Latent Ability 2: Sensitive to danger. Like his mother he can feel when he or people he cares about are in danger.

Personality: Eric is firmly rational preferring to rely on his abilities as little as possible with the understanding that most people live in the "real" world. Staunchly ethical, his abilities still scare him and thus he works very hard to function as a "normal" person. With that being said he's not one to deny his gifts and acknowledge the abilities of others. 

History: Fearful of his abilities as a child and young adult, Eric liked spending time with his father whom he felt a special bond to, due to the fact that Madden was for all intents and purposes "normal". Yet his mother Sarah also play a strong role in his life, helping him to understand his abilities and exhibit control over them in a way that he was comfortable with.

Eric was never fully comfortable living in Feyhaven, and swiftly left it the first chance he got fully intending to stay away from the town as much as possible. Yet periodically he is driven to return to his home town, usually at the request of his parents.

Eric found much fulfillment and mental security in his profession which helped to keep him grounded in reality. But occasionally certain cases proved to be outside the realms of standard logic and the knowledge of why often bothered him. Haunted by his abilities and the awareness of what was really possible in the world, Eric is a man of dual lives. Always trying to reconcile the visible with the invisible. 

Jada Stole

Name: Jada Stole

Age: 37

Origin of Birth: Feyhaven

Occupation: Runs the Feyhaven Bed and Breakfast 

Primary Ability: Knows when people or coming or going.

Secondary Ability: Knows who will romantically hit it off.

Latent Ability 1: Locating lost objects.

Latent Ability 2: Obtaining information about a person or object, usually by touching or concentrating on the object or a related object. Psychometry.

Personality: Jada's a quiet and pleasant type who always gives the impression that she knows more about people and things than she lets on, 

History: Jada is a third generation resident of Feyhaven. Her mother is dead, her father is estranged, and her grandmother, whom she inherited the B&B from is in the local nursing home. Jada is perpetually single and prefers to watch others find love than seek it for herself.

Madden Troy

Name: Madden Troy

Age: 56

Origin of Birth: A little town in Iowa.

Occupation: Mayor of Feyhaven

Primary Ability: None.

Personality: A good man, Madden takes the responsibility of taking care of Feyhaven seriously. A fact that has attributed to his no nonsense, straitlaced, and blunt way of communicating. The stress of his position has weighed on the man in recent years, as has being a father and husband. Madden has a healthy respect for the characters and oddities of his little town, not having been born among them. Likewise most of Feyhaven's citizen have returned the sentiment and welcomed him as one of their own.



Miranda Cogsworth

Name: Miranda Cogsworth

Age: 42

Origin of Birth: Feyhaven

Occupation: Runs Greenery Downs. A plant nursery.

Primary Ability: Inherently knows the properties of plants. (both known and unknown by modern science) 

Secondary Ability: Can encourage things to grow at a natural rate.

Latent Ability 1: Energy healing.  A psychic ability to clear, repair and balance the body's energy systems by seeing and manipulating the aura. Reiki is a popular form of energy healing.

Latent Ability 2: Detecting illness and disease in the body. Specifically where it is.

Personality: Miranda is intelligent and perceptive. She doesn't like to assume things. She is however a bit of a loner and can sometimes seem sad. She prefers the natural world over the material world.

History: Miranda's parents owned a large portion of Feyhaven for several generations. And made most of their fortune through taxation of the land. Both her parents eventually died of old age, having had Miranda very late in life. When Miranda inherited most of the town she began forgiving older debts and selling bits of it back to the local residents whenever they had a good cause to want the land. In some cases she's also staunchly turned down investors looking to turn the town into something Miranda and most of the rest of the towns people wouldn't agree with.

In her late twenties, Miranda was engaged to an outsider named Paul Wilkins but her parents staunchly objected to the union and ultimately would not support their daughter's choice. Miranda eventually eloped and briefly left Feyhaven but returned a year and a half later alone and unmarried. Its unclear what happened. But Paul Wilkins was never heard from in Feyhaven again.

Roger Stole

Name: Roger Stole (Jada's biological father)

Age: 56

Origin: Philadelphia 

Occupation: Musician, drunk.

Personality: Sensitive and moody. Roger was a high school drop out and run away. Operating mostly with a 6th grade education and an almost prodigal talent for musical instruments. 

Sarah Downey Troy

Name: Sarah Troy, (Downey is her family name)

Age: 50

Origin of Birth: Feyhaven

Occupation: Secretary to the Mayor

Primary Ability: Clairvoyance. Can gain a direct visual information about an object, person, location or physical event through means other than the user's physical sight and allows them to act when they are unable to use their eyes.

Secondary Ability: Precognition. Power to perceive future events before they happen.

Latent Ability 1: The power to sense and track the presence of one's children, biological or otherwise.

Latent Ability 2: The power to detect impending threats to herself and others.

Personality: Kind and sensitive, Sarah is excellent at her job which largely consists of supporting her husband and keeping tabs on her children. While generally considered to be gentle mannered, she can become quiet formidable when dealing with matters that effect her family or the town.

History: Sarah and Madden's romance was always meant to be, according to Sarah. From the time she was young she spoke of Madden and the life they would one day lead together. It is largely believed that when Madden Troy did come into her life he was more easily accepted due to Sarah's strong held belief that she had predicted his arrival.

Saria Lawrence

Name: Saria Lawrence

Age: 26

Origin of Birth: Germany, adopted and brought to Feyhaven as a child.

Occupation: Singer / Part Time waitress

Primary Ability: Alteration and manipulation of her own dreams

Secondary Ability: Pulling others into her dreams

Latent Ability 1: Going into another person's dreams

Latent Ability 2: Altering the other person's dreams

Personality: A bit of a speak first, think later kind of gal. She tends to insult people with her blunt responses that seem to have no filter once they've leapt off her tongue. A protective friend to those who stick around. A pain in the butt to those who take her wording the wrong way.

History: She knows nothing about her parents, other than they were from Germany and that's where she was adopted from. Her new parents, Oscar and Minya, had been travelling on their honeymoon at the time. They fell in love with the tiny baby girl and brought her back with them to Feyhaven, where she's been ever since, dreaming of a life somewhere beyond her hometown.

Currently, Saria is the lead singer of a band that's only seen exposure at music festivals, school functions, or city events that require a more alternative sound. So far the band consists of Saria (singer), Brody(bass), Jessie (drums), and Sheryl (guitar). They call themselves DEADEND and play a mixture of covers, with very minimal amounts of songs penned by one member or another. Each of them wants desperately to hit it big, as their real life obligations are creeping ever closer and reminding them that someday they'll either have to go big, or go back home.

When it comes to her abilities, Saria hasn't completely mastered them. If anything, she's remained within her own realm of dreams and only tends to pull people into them accidently, during nightmares that trigger a fearful response from her body. And even then, the person has to be in the same close vicinity, or touching her. She could spend hours asleep, if only to create the perfect dream where her band is a success and the world is at their fingertips. But each morning her dreams end and so too, does the feeling of happiness she's created in them.

Terra Lynn Troy

Name: Terra Lynn Troy

Age: 25

Origin of Birth: Feyhaven

Occupation: Student, bounces around different local jobs.

Personality: Cheeky and light hearted, Terra was never bothered by the fact that she inherited her father's lack of talent. In a community where it seemed like everyone was supernaturally gifted, Terra chose to consider her lack of ability to be something that made her special. Coining the concept that ignorance really was bliss. 

History: Terra enjoyed growing up in Feyhaven and had no plans of leaving it any time soon. Attending the local community college for massage therapy and an assortment of other soft subjects, she mostly enjoys an easy existence filled with little worry.


Zora Duvue

Name: Zora Duvue, (Jada Stole's grandmother)

Age: 75

Origin of Birth: Baton Rouge, Louisiana. 

Occupation: Former owner of the Fayhaven B&B.

Primary Ability: Beacon Emission. Power to create an incredibly enchanting effect that lures and summons anyone perceiving it towards the user.

Secondary Ability: Higher Consciousness. Able to be aware of an 'ultimate reality'. With this, they can self-manage, awaken, and develop the hidden potential that has laid dormant within them.

Latent Ability 1: Perception of gifts in others. Latent and primary.

Latent Ability 2: Banishment of projected entities.

Personality: Knowing and cautious Zora has seen and done much in her life time and has becoming a guiding influence to many people living in and visiting Feyhaven. More than most she is aware of both the best and worst aspects of humanity and the darker side of what people are capable of.

History: A gypsy by nature, Zora had many careers throughout her life; including that of Lounge Singer, Secretary, chef, dressmaker, bank-teller, poet, fortune teller, and business owner. In her youth Zora was less responsible with her gifts often using them against the wills of others. This continued until her abilities attracted an act of violence that both gave Zora her daughter and changed the course of her life.

Zora's daughter Zabella also inherited a similar gifts, which also attracted problems for the Duvue family. but Zora accepted the reality that those with their abilities would always struggle with the question of moral and ethical control.

Although not native to Feyhaven Zora's natural and strong abilities were a welcome addition to the community and for the first time in her life Zora found a place to belong that would both nature her and insulate others from her influence. Illness and the eventual loss of her only daughter eventually crippled Zora, but beyond her confinement to a wheelchair she lives strong even in her advancing age.


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