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Category: Active Looking for Writers
  • Started: 12/20/10
  • Updated: 1/20/13
  • Cast Size: 21
In an age now undreamed of by man, lies the lost career of DUNGEON CRAVINGS. Remember those old games of wondrous adventure, way back when, decades ago? Come crawl with us!
  • Started: 7/16/10
  • Updated: 10/7/12
  • Cast Size: 7
Modern-Science Fiction
A highly controversial project is rebooted by Citadel Corp after nearly a ten year hiatus.
  • Started: 6/7/10
  • Updated: 9/16/12
  • Cast Size: 11
Science Fiction
Sorry folks. Bordertown is a ghost town...
  • Started: 4/24/10
  • Updated: 5/24/14
  • Cast Size: 42
The world is full of many, many people. Different. Exciting. Driven. Haunted. Frightened. And some of them are not, technically, human. This is a Free-form Gothic Soap Opera Noir; a sequel to How Dark is thy Blood.
  • Started: 10/24/09
  • Updated: 12/23/14
  • Cast Size: 32
Super Hero
A D.C. universe story. Heroes and villains must unite to save the planet.
  • Started: 8/18/09
  • Updated: 3/27/17
  • Cast Size: 2
Science Fiction
  • Started: 2/22/09
  • Updated: 6/7/13
  • Cast Size: 31
A shadow descends on the Windy City, can you hold the flame true and keep it from being extinguished? Will everything you hold sacred be swept away in the tempest? Are you willing to confront that which should not even exist?
  • Started: 9/12/08
  • Updated: 8/17/13
  • Cast Size: 13
Super Hero
Vancouver, 2020. In the near future, a hitherto unseen war boils to the surface.
  • Started: 8/21/08
  • Updated: 9/21/17
  • Cast Size: 12
Science Fiction
When Earth is invaded by an unknown race, humanity finds itself not only fighting the greatest war it has ever known but struggling for survival amidst the ruins of their falling civilization.
  • Started: 2/21/08
  • Updated: 10/19/12
  • Cast Size: 19
Murder, cults, kidnappings, doppelgängers & bombings. It's just another typical day in Midtown.
  • Started: 2/26/07
  • Updated: 2/13/18
  • Cast Size: 121
Welcome to the Savage Tides,where intrigue piracy and trouble go hand in hand. Where day to day life is about to Change in Monarch Bay,most noteably the City of
  • Started: 11/17/06
  • Updated: 1/26/13
  • Cast Size: 5
The sound of car horns, people talking and the smell of Coffee. This is life in the Big Apple
  • Started: 8/2/06
  • Updated: 5/14/12
  • Cast Size: 6
The continent of Summitra is open for exploration. What do you want to explore?
  • Started: 12/6/05
  • Updated: 2/17/18
  • Cast Size: 18
Strange things have been happening around the city of Jotugone. People who have been dead for years are now being seen walking in the streets. It is believe that one of the locals is studying witch craft and is now calling the souls of the dead to life
  • Started: 4/14/05
  • Updated: 12/15/12
  • Cast Size: 8
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