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Category: Active Looking for Writers
What happens when vampires use a university as their hunting grounds? This. They will also turn humans. But like humans, vampires have their own personalities. Which one are you?
  • Started: 8/29/12
  • Updated: 2/7/13
  • Cast Size: 5
Portland Maine just got weird. Between superpowered mobsters, a ferry of people from another dimension, and a cult of robot worshipers, you never know what's going to happen.
  • Started: 8/28/12
  • Updated: 5/3/14
  • Cast Size: 61
Cross Genre
Inter-dimensional war in New York city.
  • Started: 7/20/12
  • Updated: 1/12/13
  • Cast Size: 9
Science Fiction
  • Started: 6/14/12
  • Updated: 10/21/13
  • Cast Size: 10
A Shattered World is a 3rd (3.5) edition AD&D campaign set in a world of my own creation.
  • Started: 6/1/12
  • Updated: 5/19/13
  • Cast Size: 6
Science Fiction
In the 25th Century, mankind lives on terraformed worlds or travels between them in spacecraft what with the Earth That Was being polluted beyond use. Come join the story of some of those folks ...
  • Started: 5/25/12
  • Updated: 2/11/13
  • Cast Size: 4
A classic dungeon romp set in the Victorian Era!
  • Started: 5/16/12
  • Updated: 8/18/12
  • Cast Size: 11
Peter Daniels, self made millionaire,owner of one of the best restaurants in New York and hopefully the new life he deserves.
  • Started: 4/9/12
  • Updated: 6/20/15
  • Cast Size: 68
The world of Malorn is as diverse as the creatures that inhabit it. Steel and Sorcery, Law and Lawless, Good and Evil. All can be found upon and beneath the realm of Malorn.
  • Started: 4/7/12
  • Updated: 12/22/12
  • Cast Size: 7
Cross Genre
Join Conan and his compatriots on the strangest voyage they could never have conceived - they are ripped from their current home to become 'citizens' of Barsoom... Under Construction: Debz
  • Started: 2/26/12
  • Updated: 8/31/13
  • Cast Size: 9
Cross Genre
Twenty years after the traveling rock group/amateur detectives The Archetypes had broken up, getting them back together would be murder.
  • Started: 12/13/11
  • Updated: 6/23/14
  • Cast Size: 9
The Fate of the Kingdom Rests in Your Hands!
  • Started: 8/25/11
  • Updated: 2/28/15
  • Cast Size: 19
They say the sun never sets on the British Empire, but it is those who control the night who will determine its fate. A shadowy menace is about to threaten all, but currently the legions of undead are about to tear each other apart. (Private Invite Only)
  • Started: 6/4/11
  • Updated: 2/7/13
  • Cast Size: 12
Autumn 1923. The rustic beauty of New England's sprawling countryside is but a thin veil draped atop nameless, twisted horrors. The stars align, ardent voices whisper incantations and age-old patience seeks its reward. The veil parts...
  • Started: 3/30/11
  • Updated: 1/21/14
  • Cast Size: 13
The body is little more than a fleshy prison for the mind, and not all ideas should be let out.
  • Started: 2/6/11
  • Updated: 8/28/12
  • Cast Size: 16
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