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Category: Active Looking for Writers
10 years ago something terrible happened. Now the former members of the Society for Paranormal and Occult Studies must come together once more to face their past and the darkness they unleashed.
  • Started: 4/14/13
  • Updated: 7/1/13
  • Cast Size: 6
Science Fiction
Amidst a terrible war against a darkness awoken amongst the stars, a newly-discovered space station becomes something more than anyone realized: our last, best hope for victory.
  • Started: 4/1/13
  • Updated: 6/7/13
  • Cast Size: 13
The Age of Worms has been felt through the Realms in an Age Past, it has awakened yet again.
  • Started: 3/25/13
  • Updated: 4/20/13
  • Cast Size: 12
The Gods summoned their champions to defend the living world from the rising of the dead. Only two showed up.
  • Started: 3/24/13
  • Updated: 10/15/14
  • Cast Size: 11
Science Fiction
There are monsters out there. Most people don't believe in them, but they're real. Mostly, when someone finds out that monsters are real, that's just before they die. But some people are crazy enough to hunt the monsters. This is you!
  • Started: 3/6/13
  • Updated: 0/0/00
  • Cast Size: 1
A Hunter: the Vigil game set in a small Washington town. A group of normal people must band together to save their lives from the evil that lurks behind the veil. No experience needed!
  • Started: 2/25/13
  • Updated: 3/26/13
  • Cast Size: 5
Pathfinder Forgotten Realms Evermeet
  • Started: 2/25/13
  • Updated: 2/25/13
  • Cast Size: 1
An existential horror game, inspired by a late night of Silent Hill and far too much Alice cooper.
  • Started: 2/16/13
  • Updated: 1/24/14
  • Cast Size: 11
Adventures In The Forgotten Realms
  • Started: 1/26/13
  • Updated: 3/5/13
  • Cast Size: 4
Science Fiction
This is a modern fantasy story about the secret or not so secret lives of the people of the Winsome. Those attractive or appealing in appearance or not always so appealing in character and visa versa.
  • Started: 1/19/13
  • Updated: 2/23/13
  • Cast Size: 21
Join the forces of evil! See new places, meet new people...and then CONQUER THEM!
  • Started: 1/11/13
  • Updated: 1/16/13
  • Cast Size: 6
You cannot plan to become a legend. It is the journey that a select group of individuals take and the actions they make that turns them into legends.
  • Started: 11/26/12
  • Updated: 7/27/15
  • Cast Size: 5
Modern-Science Fiction
  • Started: 11/25/12
  • Updated: 4/15/13
  • Cast Size: 14
Super Hero
  • Started: 10/25/12
  • Updated: 12/1/12
  • Cast Size: 3
A "Dungeons and Dragon" like game brings us to the world of Akkadia. You must strengthen your character so you can fight the evil that is down below.
  • Started: 10/16/12
  • Updated: 10/27/12
  • Cast Size: 5
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